Končitá bouldering movie

A Movie | Končitá – Rise of a bouldering crag


The story of the first bouldering crag in Slovakia is a story filled with volcanic andesite, prehistoric ferns and a shared vision of several bouldering enthusiasts who arrived in Končitá 15 years ago to uncover its unique potential. Since then, excited lu natics with mattresses on their backs have been flocking to Končitá, having succumbed to the lure of its world class boulders.

The story is told by Oliver Vysloužil, one of the pioneers of bouldering in Slovakia, mapping its history, first ascents of the most famous boulders and the atmosphere during the 3rd edition of the now legendary Boulder Cup. The first purely Slovak bouldering documentary.

Končitá bouldering movie

(SR, 36 min, 2020, r. Anton Kajan)

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